Doge Disco has enabled Polygon minting! This is an ADVANCED feature that will allow you to shift your Dogeagotchi from the main BLOCKv gaming platform onto OpenSea or other NFT Marketplaces or Realms to sell, trade or display! Please watch the video below and research NFTs further to learn more about this process before proceeding!

NOTE: Polygon is an “Ethereum Layer-Two” blockchain that interacts with the main Ethereum blockchain but allows for the creation and transfer of NFTs with much cheaper gas fees. The project was originally known as “MATIC” and the currency underlying Polygon is still known as “MATIC”. A bit confusing yes, but Open and Decentralized projects at the vanguard of technological innovation often are!



If you minted a Dogeagotchi without adding your personal Ethereum address, it will be living on an address provided by the game. To be able to trade or sell your Dogeagotchi on a market like Opensea you will need to move it out from there. The steps are:

0) Be sure to add your personal address by using Metamask to avoid this issue in the future!

1) You will need to send some MATIC to the address provided by the game. You can do this from a crypto exchange site or from your wallet. Just be sure to be using the Matic network. You can find a tutorial and more information on this link https://support.opensea.io/hc/en-us/articles/1500011368842 Please be sure that you are using the correct network (Matic Mainnet) when transferring the funds!

2) Go to https://polygonscan.com to ensure that the Matic transfer is confirmed.

3) Go to the Send option in the game:

4) Write the public address where you want to send the Dogeagotchi and press send. It will ask for confirmation.

5) If everything went well, you will get to the Dogeagotchi screen without any error. Wait some minutes and you should be able to see it tied to the new address by checking Opensea, or by checking the transaction on Polygonscan.

If you get a tx error, your game address probably doesn’t have enough MATIC for the transfer.

Please be sure that you are using the correct network when transferring the funds and HAVE FUN!