Party Guide

After 11 years in the trenches of Unifying Humanity Through Partying, in 2021, against all odds, the Million Doge Disco was born!

Elevating Virtual Dance Parties to their highest potential is still quite an art. And so we’ve created this abridged Virtual Party Strategy Guide to support our fearless Doges.


All the Steps

  1. Register for our recurring event on Eventbrite
  2. Save the date/time/link in your calendar! (Not in PST? Double-check your time zone at WorldTimeBuddy)
  3. Set the stage – get your costumery, props, virtual Zoom backgrounds, anything and everything to make your Party your own. 
  4. Join at the day and time. 
  5. DANCE!

Zoom Zoom! 

— Doge Disco Virtual Parties happen on Zoom. Download the most recent version in advance!

— See the world Party together (On desktop) To see a 5×5 grid of fellow Doges at once, click ‘Gallery View’ in the top right corner of your screen. Or! Go into your Zoom Settings/General to see up to 49 people in gallery view at once. Then scroll between pages to see the whole Party! (On mobile) Swipe right to see 4 people at a time!

Spice up your screen with these Downloadable Doge Zoom Backgrounds. New to virtual backgrounds in Zoom? Want to check out the built-in zoom Filters? Check our Pro Tips YouTube Guide here.

— Optional upgrade: SnapCam Filters. Click HERE for fun filters to convert yourself into a live-action cartoon character and more – and See our Pro SnapCam Tips Video HERE!

Ready for the Screen Effects Masterclass? See our walkthrough of using OBS studio to up your Zoom game.

— Be in the Know. Follow our social for up-to-date Party details. Instagram | Twitter.

Set the Mood. The pre-eminent Decentralized Dance Party Manifesto is Your checklist to Capital-P Partying. Especially helpful for home setups! The key points are:

Dress for it! (sunglasses at the ready!) /// Get fun props (fruit counts) /// Dance Freely! (Every way is the right Way!) /// Create your atmosphere for Max Behaviour Change! Good lighting, snacks and water at hand, you’re ready to go!


Everyone in the Virtual Party can also be a Terrestrial Party Node out in the streets, spreading the music to hundreds of Strangers around the world, together! ESPECIALLY important when you’re out hunting for DOGE! To share the Party in Your locale:

  • Battery up your mobile! Whether it’s a tablet or phone, just make sure it’s charged, easy to carry and ideally doesn’t inhibit your ability to dance 🙂
  • Broadcast your sound! If you don’t have a special-edition JAMMYPACK, you can go on speakerphone or hook yourself up to another portable speaker!
  • Get moving! No need to stay in one spot (though that’s good too, especially if you have BIG props), if you move through the streets you channel the vibes of the early-day Decentralied Dance PArties, picking up Partiers with every Passerby!

Check out THIS Medium post for the full run-down on sharing a Decentralized Dance Party in Your locale!