What is the DAOGE?

“DAOGE” n. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization guided by and founded on the principles of the Doge: that “Silliness Is Next To Godliness” and that we’re all in this together.

It is the Frankenchild of DAO principles and the Divine Avatar that is the Doge.

DAO principles preache that middle management equals red tape, and to truly ascend as a species, we must eliminate ALL bureaucratic impediments!

By automating automate-able tasks (like receiving, storing and distributing funds according to collective agreement and norms), the DAOGE frees its human participants to focus on their Peace Amplifying Projects.

Of course, with Dogely oversight, these Peace Amplifying Projects center on Capital-P Partying as the vector to Wage Peace on a global scale.


Why the DAOGE? Why Now?

The Forces behind the DAOGE arise from such eminent thinkers as the Doge herself,

and MLK Jr.

The DAO is itself a leading edge, next-generation form of human social organization.

The DAOGE presents the next level, the evolution, the New Frontier applying Unifying, Soul-Stirring Doge Consciousness to the Leading Edge Application of DAO organizing.

Because indeed, to combat the forces of pain, dismay, and sadness, to Wage Peace at the scale our collective crises require, we must organize as well – and better – than those who love war.


How does it Work?

In a nutshell, Doge Consciousness feeds into the greater Dogecoin collective, which, backed by renDOGE (itself backed by Ethereum), flows into the DAOGE collective fund – a blockchain-backed repository, The Treasury. The Treasury is a collectively-controlled resource bank that acts as a store of value for the DAOGE denizens to allocate towards Peace-Wielding Projects.

The DAOGE functions as a Unifying Peace Engine. It is both the tinder AND the spark to Wage Peace.


The prototype, flagship project of this DAOGE construction is the one and only DDP Peace Bonds manifestation: 7 years in the making.


At one time, nation-states financed their wars with ‘war bonds’, relying on regular citizens to pump the military machine.

Now dawns a new day. With the DAOGE principles underlying their creation, we are actively crafting $1,000,000 worth of Peace Bonds in an unprecedented move to Wage Peace on a Global Scale!

Series One consists of exactly 1,914 Peace Bonds, commemorating the Christmas Truce of 1914, where everyday soldiers chose to lay down their arms and choose love over hate, uniting in celebration despite and in defiance of the chaos of war.

We hold that Capital-P Partying is the opposite of violence. A shared experience with the power to inspire even the bitterest of foes to forget their differences and spontaneously connect on a level that goes far deeper than the thinking mind.

  With your help, the DDP will catalyze this unifying energy across the globe, fully Decentralizing the Party Revolution and inspiring countless Christmas Truces, wherever and whenever they may be required!

Are you ready to help us make this crazy dream reality?

Discover Peace Bonds Here and Fill Our Form To Get Yours.



An Official Peace DAOGE Launch Party is going down to close the ETH Denver Virtual Innovation Festival, celebrating our first-ever #BUIDLATHON foray!

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